Recommended Products

for at home self care

Welcome to the “At Home Self Care” Products page.
I love sharing and demonstrating various Health tips during massage sessions.
Now the items I trust and recommend are conveniently available for purchase in one place.

Lacrosse Balls

Pack of 2.
Firm, rubber grip. Best used against the wall or door for optimal muscle placement & pressure control

Reusable Ice Packs

Pliable gel & large size provides deep muscle relief from pain, spasms & swelling

Prenatal Wedge

Firm foam relieves abdominal muscle strain & improves sleep. Use side-lying – inserted between baby & mattress

Buffer Massage

Unorthodox yet effective release of tight muscles & scar tissue by friction with a rapid occilating head.

Muscle Stick

Handheld comfort & control for 360 degree access and relief of calf & thigh pain

Foam Core

White 36 in x 6 in
Dense foam structure provides moderate pressure with less discomfort

Heated & Weighted Neck Pillow

Microwaveable heat and 3lbs of weighted compression for deep muscle relaxation

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